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The Computer Science Department prepares students for immediate employment in various technology fields. Students learn in a hands-on environment, developing skills in computer hardware, networking, web design, and programming. Additionally, the school's IT Department is staffed by students that demonstrate proficiency in computer science courses.

Computer Hardware
Being able to work with a computer is considered a basic skill these days. Being able to work on a computer is a valuable skill not commonly found in the general workforce. The Glendale Academy computer science curriculum provides students with experiences in building, maintaining, and troubleshooting computers. Students will learn concepts necessary for the CompTIA A+ Certification exam.

From the home to the enterprise, computer networks are increasingly common. Students will learn the basics of networking, from IP addressing to the servers and equipment that make a computer network possible, including firewalls, routers, and switches.

Web Design
The Internet provides a powerful tool for communication and dissemination of information. Learning HTML provides students with a basis for leveraging that power for their use. In an increasingly online society, the importance of understanding the technology which underlies our online activities is demonstrated as students develop publicly accessible web content.

Android powers the majority of personal devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Students can take part in the thriving Android community by contributing their ideas and knowledge in the form of Android apps. Open source concepts help guide the students in their app development.

Linux Servers
Students will learn to configure and manage Linux servers for use at home and in enterprise settings. Students work with web servers using Apache, DNS servers using BIND, mail servers using Postfix and Dovecot, and more. The curriculum is aligned with the competencies for the Linux Foundation Certified Engineer certification offered by the Linux Foundation.